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2h00 - 35€
We will open the workshop with a theoretical discussion related to understanding the different elements that constitute the Sun Salutation (asana, breathing, Drishti). We will also discuss transitions and variations (Chandra Namaskar, Surya N.A and B) and then move on to a practical and detailed lens. You will leave this workshop with knowledge allowing you to be more independent and more autonomous in your daily practice!

2h00 - 30€
Through this workshop, I suggest you practice a long Vinyasa Flow!
You will have 2 hours to deepen your practice, your breathing and look for the intensity in the movement.

Package for 3 workshops 60€

The 5 Koshas
1h30 - 20€
Through this workshop, we will explore a sustained and dynamic practice in order to warm the body. We will continue with a Pranayama exercise in order to better feel the effects of Prana - our life energy - on the body and mind. Finally there will be a discussion on the 5 Koshas, ​​in other words “the envelopes of the soul” and we will end with a deep guided relaxation to finish the day fully aligned and rested.
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The 3 Gunas
1h30 - 20€
Still in the approach of the energetic body, we will discuss together the concept of Gunas, in other words "the qualities of energy" or "the fundamental qualities". These three dimensions are as important in the world of Yoga as in Ayurveda and in our everyday life! It will also be the opportunity to get together for a practice of asanas and Pranayama. We will prepare the body and mind for a more holistic and spiritual approach.

The 7 Chakras
2h00 - 30€
The chakra system describes the energetic structure through which we organize our life force. We will begin this workshop with a sustained and moving Vinyasa to strengthen the body and circulate energy. Then you will be introduced to the 7 chakras, or energy channels, which run from the base of the spine to the top of the head.
We will seek to understand where each chakra is located, what they represent and especially what they involve energetically.
In addition to the first two workshops, this last part of this trilogy will allow you to better understand and tame the energies that cross us.
A promise to guide you through your deep inner workings!